Broker Applications, Documents and Fees

Applications can take up to ten (10) business days from the receipt of a complete application for the Division to process.

New broker applications are dependent upon receipt of fingerprint background information and may take significantly longer.

If you are requesting to upgrade your license to the employing broker level, please allow additional processing time for qualification review.

All online application forms referenced below can be accessed by selecting the “Online Services” drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of your browser window after you’ve logged into your E-license account.

Certified License History Request

To request a certified license history, select the link titled “Request Certified License History”. This document is commonly requested by other jurisdictions for the purposes of initial licensure.

Print a Copy of Your License

  • Your license certificate can be accessed through your online account. To access a copy of your license, select the link titled “Print Your License”.
  • You will not see this menu option if your license is inactive or expired.

Change Personal Name Online Application

  • To change the legal name on your license, select the link titled “Change License Level / Update Name and/or DBA”. You will be required to provide documentation of the legal name change (or a birth certificate if electing to use a maiden name).
  • This form can also be used to add or remove a nickname. Nicknames will be in addition to your legal name. The public search does not currently support nickname search queries. The nickname update form is not necessary for common name abbreviations (for example, Debbie / Deborah, Jim / James).

Change of Address Form

  • To change your personal address, log into your individual license account and select “Update Your Address”.
  • Licensed entities can update their business address information through the brokerage firm account.
  • Individual proprietors (license prefix II or EI) may make changes to their business address by logging into their individual account.

Real Estate Broker Online Applications and Forms

Colorado Real Estate Broker Online Application

  • Use this application to apply for a new Colorado Real Estate Broker’s License. To access this application form, select the “Create/Continue Application for NEW License” link, then select “Real Estate - Brokers” to view the list of available license types. Prior to application, please review the application instructions for a list of documents that will be requested during the application process.

Online Renewal

  • Online renewal is available 45 days prior to the first day of expiration. Licensees have a 31 day grace period from the expiration date of their license to complete the renewal process.

  • Continuing education (CE) must be completed prior to your license expiration date. The license fee grace period of 31 days does not apply to CE.

  • If the license is allowed to expire, licensee has 3 years from the date of license expiration to submit a reinstatement application.

  • If your license moves to an “Expired” status, reinstatement will return the license to an “Inactive” status. An additional form is required to reactivate your inactive license after license reinstatement.

Preliminary Advisory Opinion Application Online Application

  • Use this application to obtain an opinion regarding the potential effect that previous conduct, criminal convictions or actions against a professional license may have on a formal application for licensure.

  • To access the PAO application form, select “Create/Continue Application for NEW License”. Select the “Preliminary Advisory Opinion” application group, then select the “REB” application type.

Transfer to New Firm / Activate Inactive License Online Application

  • To transfer, inactivate or activate your license, select the link titled “Transfer / Activate / Inactivate License”. Transfer and activation requests will require entry of your errors and omissions (E&O) insurance information if that information is not already in your license record.

Change License Level or License Role

  • To upgrade your license level and/or change your license role, select the link titled “Change License Level / Update Name and/or DBA”. License role changes are defined as changing between associate broker, individual proprietor or responsible broker role types.

New Corporation, Partnership or LLC Online Application

  • Use this application to apply for a new corporation, partnership or limited liability company. You must create an entity account separate from your individual account to submit the application for a new entity license. Once the entity account has been created, you can access the application by selecting the “Create/Continue Application for NEW License” link. Select the “Real Estate - Companies” application group, then select the appropriate application (based on the license level of the responsible broker). 

  • Prior to submission of this application form, the responsible broker’s license must show a license prefix of either “IR” or “ER” (shown before the license number within the license record). Use the “Change License Level / Update Name and/or DBA” form from within the responsible broker’s individual license account if you need to update your license level or role.

Change the Responsible Broker of a Licensed Brokerage Firm

  • To change the responsible broker for a licensed brokerage firm, you must be logged into the entity license account. Once there, select the link titled “Change Responsible Broker” to complete your request.

Application to Add or Remove Associate Brokers

  • Use this application to add or remove associate brokers from either a licensed brokerage firm or an employing level individual proprietorship. To access this form, select the link titled “Add / Remove Associate Licensees”. Responsible brokers must be logged into the licensed brokerage firm entity account to access this form.

  • Multiple licensees may be added and/or removed.

Application for License As Temporary Corporation, Partnership or LLC

  • In cases where a responsible broker becomes incapacitated or otherwise unavailable due to hardship, a licensee may request to be temporarily placed as the responsible broker for a licensed entity. The requesting licensee must have a minimum of 2 years active licensure to apply for temporary authority. Please contact the Division for guidance with your temporary hardship request.

Application Fees

All application fees are non-refundable and are subject to change.

Broker Application

  • $200.00

Broker Transfer / Upgrade / Activation

  • $25.00

Individual Proprietor / Change in Corporation, Partnership or LLC

  • $25.00

Temporary Broker Application

  • $336.00

Base Rate Renewal

  • $183.00

Corporate / Partnership / LLC Application

  • $336.00

Broker Examination Fee

  • $44.95

Broker License Histories

  • $15.00

Reinstate Within 32 Days to One (1) Year

  • $273.00

Reinstate More Than One (1) Year but Less Than Three (3) Years

  • $363.00

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