MLO Advisory

2023 Legislative Summaries For Licensees

The Colorado General Assembly Legislative Session adjourned on May 9, 2023. During the session, many new bills directly or indirectly affecting real estate and the practice of real estate were passed and became law. Understanding these laws, whether you are a real estate professional or simply an interested member of the public, may be helpful. The Division of Real Estate has prepared the following legislative summaries to aid you in better understanding the latest changes. Final language of these acts and other information about the Colorado General Assembly can be found on the Colorado General Assembly’s website at:

Board of Mortgage Loan Originator Rules Effective January 1, 2021

On July 15, 2020 the Colorado Board of Mortgage Loan Originators (“Board”) held a rule-making hearing to update and adopt rules for mortgage loan originators and mortgage companies based upon the mandatory rule review required by Senate Bill 14-063 (Mandatory Review of State Agency Rules). The Division of Real Estate (“Division”) initiated the rule review on behalf of the Board to assess the continuing need for, appropriateness and cost effectiveness of the administrative rules. It also assessed whether the rules should be continued in their current form, amended or repealed.