Appraiser Continuing Education Audit

Real Estate Appraisers are subject to  a continuing education audit at the time of their license renewal, which is every two (2) years, in order to ensure federal compliance with education requirements.


ELicense USPAP Audit Instructions

Real Estate Appraiser Rules

The Appraisal Foundation USPAP Q&A

7 Hour National USPAP Update Course

Subject to an Audit

  • All licensees must successfully complete a 7-hour National USPAP Update Course, or its equivalent, every two (2) calendar years. 
  • Confirm you are subject to the 7-hour USPAP audit.
  • Follow the directions located on the 7-hour USPAP Audit Notice for submitting your course completion certificates. 
  • Failure to submit your course completion certificates by December 31st of the year of renewal will result in the expiration of your license.

ELicense USPAP Audit Instructions

28-Hour Continuing Education Requirement

Subject to an Audit

  • Except as provided under Board Rule 7.1 (date of issue for initial license), each licensee applying for renewal of a license must complete twenty-eight (28) hours of real estate appraisal continuing education during the two-year period preceding expiration of the license.
  • You will receive a confirmation email if you are subject to the 28-hour continuing education audit.
  • Follow the directions located on the 28-hour audit notice for submitting your course completion certificates.

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