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Division Support and Resources

Division Support and Resources


The Division of Real Estate is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  • 303-894-2166 or 303-894-2185


  • 303-894-2683


Emailing sensitive information, such as social security numbers, medical records, date of birth or other personal identifying information is not advised.

If the nature of your inquiry requires you to disclose such sensitive information, you may send an encrypted email by clicking the link below for instructions. Send Encrypted Email (Sensitive Information)

Send Non-Encrypted Email (


Department of Regulatory Agencies
Division of Real Estate
1560 Broadway, Suite 925
Denver CO, 80202

User Guides and Division Functions

Staff Directory

Division Director's Office

  • Marcia Waters - Division Director 
  • Eric Turner - Division Deputy Director
  • Melissa Phipps - Senior Advisor
  • Nancy Buck - Communication Specialist
  • Doreen Archuleta - Program Support

Operations & Budget

Tammy Baca - Operations & Budget Manager

  • Vivian Grossman
  • Fe Schiller
  • Angelica Garcilaso


Nicole Tribelhorn - Real Estate Broker Lead

  • Yvette Gabardi
  • Didzis Jursevics
  • Paul Martinez
  • James Peters 
  • Todd Geske

Sarah Halloran - Real Estate Broker Lead

  • Carolynne Dionese-Wright
  • Pat Hardy
  • Daryl Lay
  • Charles Rakay
  • Robin Coats 
  • Tabitha Quintana
  • David Levy

Eddie Rose - Lead Auditor

  • Betsy Meredith
  • Marcella (Marcy) Rivera
  • Bob Skinner
  • Jennifer (Jae) Saul
  • Andrew Orr

Appraiser Investigators

  • Scott Wentz
  • Robert Walker

Expedited Settlement, Enforcement Section & Program Support

Penny Elder - Manager

  • Cynthia Aguilar - Program Support
  • Michael Turner - Settlement Specialist 

Education, Communication & Policy Section

David L. Donnelly - Education, Communication & Policy Manager

AJ Jackson - Education, Training & Compliance Lead

  • Joana Belstra - Compliance Auditor
  • Linda Escobar - Compliance Auditor 
  • Brittany Steele - Education Compliance Specialist

HOA Information & Resource Center

Nick Altmann - HOA Information Officer

  • Amanda Lopez - Program Support

Division Licensing Section

Sean Rhyne - Licensing Manager

Marylou Reyna - Officer Manager

  • Susan Dye
  • Shirley Martinez
  • Shaniece Owens

Elicense System Support

  • Blaze Williams-Ortiz
  • Peggy Moroney


The Division of Real Estate provides resources for consumers, licensees, and industry to ensure consumer protection in the Colorado market place is met. Resources can be found by using one of the following mechanisms on the website.

Website Search Function - Located at the top of each page of the website this search window is dedicated to the Division Website only.  

Program and Resources Pages - Resources associated with specific program pages and functions are located on those pages to provide quick access. 

Resource Database Archive - The Division archives all resources it provides to the public, licensees, and industry.

Resource Archive

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