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The Division of Real Estate (Division) provides resources to those in the Colorado real estate marketplace who have questions to ensure their consumer protection is being met. Below is a collection of consumer protection resources designed to provide direction and guidance on common elements of buying a home in Colorado. Additionally, our collection of social media digital campaign assets is available for use.  

Home buyers resource pages

The transaction process

It is not that often that an individual is involved in the real estate process during their lifetime. This webresource page provides consumers with an overview of the major stages of the transaction process. 

  Review the transaction process

Working with real estate professionals

The sale or purchase of a home involves one of the largest investments that a person undertakes during their lifetime. It can be a complex, confusing, and intimidating process for any person to handle on their own. This webresource page provides consumers with an understanding of what to expect from the licensed real estate professionals they work with in the transaction process. 

  Buyers relationships with real estate professionals

Buying a home in a HOA

With nearly 10,000 HOAs in Colorado, for those looking for a new home there’s a good chance they will end up in one. This webresource page is dedicated to helping those looking to purchase in a HOA learn how to determine if the HOA is right for them.

    How buyers can do their due diligence before buying in a HOA 

Buying in a self-managed HOA

While professionally managed HOAs make up about 80% of registered HOAs in Colorado, many communities prefer to self-manage the affairs of their association. This webresource page is designed to provide potential buyers in HOAs a view of matters that can be unique to buying in a self-managed HOA.

    Breaking down buying in a self-managed HOA

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