Mortgage Loan Originator Applications, Documents and Fees

Applications can take up to ten (10) business days from the time of receipt for the Division to process. 

New mortgage loan originator applications are dependent upon receipt of fingerprint background information and may take significantly longer. 

Allow ten (10) business days and check online for your application status prior to contacting the Division.

All online application forms can be accessed by selecting “Online Services” from the upper right hand corner of your browser window after logging into your E-license account.

MLO Online Applications and Forms

Mortgage Loan Originator Initial Online Application

  • Colorado requires that all MLO applicants submit application in both the NMLS and Colorado’s E-license database. The Colorado application will become available in your E-license account 24 hours after filing your MU4 form in NMLS.
  • Once the NMLS data has been imported into Colorado’s database, you will see the “MLO (Mortgage Loan Originator) Application” become available within your account. Use this application to apply for a brand new license, to reapply for a license that has expired beyond the right to reinstate  or to apply for Temporary Authority (TA). Please review our application instructions page for additional information prior to application submission.

Mortgage Loan Originator Preliminary Advisory Opinion Online Application

  • An applicant with a previous criminal conviction or guilty plea may request a preliminary advisory opinion. This application is free of charge and allows the Board to determine if they would approve you for a license should you apply with an Initial Application. To access this application, select “Create/Continue Application for NEW License”, then select “Preliminary Advisory Opinion” before selecting the “MLO” application type. 

Note: S.A.F.E. Act and Colorado Licensing laws automatically preclude licensure for certain felonies.

Mortgage Loan Originator Status Change Request Online Application

  • Use this application form to reactivate an inactive MLO license. To access this application form, select the “Transfer / Activate / Inactivate” link from the Online Services drop down menu.
  • Requests for license inactivation or surrender may be completed by submitting your request through NMLS. Once your request is approved in NMLS please allow 24 hours for updates to reflect within Colorado’s database.

Mortgage Loan Originator Surety Bond / E&O Insurance Update Form

  • To update your surety bond or E&O insurance, log into your E-license account using the above link, then select the link titled “E&O Insurance / Surety Bond Update”.

Mortgage Loan Originator Renewal/Reinstatement

  • MLO renewal is available from November 1 to December 31 each year.
  • MLO reinstatement is available from January 1 to the last day of February each year.
  • MLO renewal and reinstatement are 2 step processes. Step one is submission of your renewal/reinstatement application within NMLS. Once your renewal is completed in NMLS, you may renew your license in Colorado’s database. Use the above link to access E-license, then select “Renew/Reinstate License” during the renewal/reinstatement period to complete step 2 of the Colorado renewal process.

Mortgage Loan Originator License History Requests

  • Mortgage loan originator employment history and dates of licensure are available through the NMLS Consumer Access site. 

MLO Fee Schedule

All application fees are non-refundable and are subject to change.

Mortgage Loan Originators

  • Application Fee $48.00
  • Renewal Fee (No Grace Period) $51.00
  • Reinstatement Fee $75.00

Mortgage Company Fee Schedule

  • Application Fee $110.00
  • Renewal Fee $110.00
  • Reinstatement Fee $165.00


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