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HOA Education and Outreach Opportunities

HOA Education and Outreach Opportunities

Attending an HOA Forum

Attend a forum to learn about the Colorado HOA Information and Resource Center. You will have the opportunity to hear from the HOA Information Officer on a variety of topics related to living in and governing an HOA. At the forum, helpful resources will be provided along with a discussion of the rights and obligations of living in an HOA community. Topics change monthly.

Information for Boards & Members of Self-Managed HOAs

While professionally managed HOAs make up about 80% of registered HOAs in Colorado, many communities prefer to self-manage the affairs of their association. The HOA Center strives to provide quality information and resources that may be helpful to self-managed associations. For board members of self-managed HOAs, there are some things to keep in mind and regularly consider. 

New Homeowner Toolkit 

Associations may provide a variety of services.  Some may only provide snow and trash removal while others may also provide community engagement events and maintain common area facilities such as swimming pools and gyms. As a prospective buyer, you can request to see an HOA’s governing documents and read through them to determine what services the community provides to its homeowners. However, unless you are under contract, you are not legally entitled to an HOA’s governing documents. This does not necessarily mean the HOA won’t provide them, it just means they would need to do so voluntarily. 

Board Member Education 

The Colorado HOA Information and Resource Center has created a series of educational training videos for HOA board members. These videos were created to assist an HOA board members with understanding the basics of their important role and the many aspects of overseeing a homeowners’ association, as well as assisting board members in understanding the rights and responsibilities of those individuals living in an HOA.

Together with these instructional videos are some short quizzes to cover some basic learning principles, and resources that can be accessed to support board members in carrying out their critical obligations to the communities that they serve. 

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