Division Notifications

Real Estate Commission is seeking volunteers to serve on its Forms Committee

The Division of Real Estate Forms Committee
  • The Forms Committee is an advisory working group that evaluates suggested changes to the Commission-approved forms, aids in drafting the forms, and edits the forms for final release to and use by licensed real estate brokers. 
  • The Forms Committee meets approximately 4-5 times per year, depending on the number of changes being made to the forms and the complexity of the content. 
  • The composition of the Forms Committee is real estate brokers, attorneys, educators, and representatives from the Colorado Association o

Allocation of Insurance Deductibles

In our recent article titled “Water Damage: Who’s Responsible?”, we discuss the issues involved in determining responsibility when water damage occurs in a unit within a homeowners association. Another consideration when dealing with water damage in an HOA is who is responsible for the insurance deductible. Generally, if damage to an insured property is less than the amount of the insurance deductible, then the insured would likely not file a claim, as there would be no insurance payout. However, for many associations, the cost of water damage frequently exceeds the amount of the insured’s deductible. When that occurs, the parties involved need to know who will be responsible for paying the deductible. 

Real Estate Broker Safety

Now that the summer home-buying season is underway, real estate brokers should take heed of safety measures for themselves, as well as for their clients. In addition to any COVID-19 health department protocols that may exist in any particular county, there are other measures that can help ensure one’s safety.

Association Committees and How You Can Make Yours More Efficient and Effective

The effort and resources it takes to effectively govern a homeowners association requires collaboration and cooperation from more than one person. As such, the use of committees in community associations can be a very useful tool for accomplishing the goals of the association. However, in order to be most effective, committees should be well formed with specific purposes and guidelines for their operation.

Ways to Increase Cash Flow Without Increasing Assessments

Association finances are usually on the top of the list when homeowners are asked about what concerns them the most about their HOA. Since the only way that most association boards believe they can generate revenue is through assessments, annual increases in dues and the levying of special assessments have become the norm. However, there are some ways for an association to generate additional income that many may have not thought about.

Recognizing Discrimination in Housing

Colorado has been at the forefront when it comes to enacting fair housing laws, in fact prohibiting discrimination in housing as far back as 1959, years before the federal Fair Housing Act became law. These laws were established to make sure that everyone has the same opportunity and access to choosing where they want to live and the type of housing that they desire.