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The Colorado Division of Real Estate Fall 2020 Real Estate News is ready for you.

The Division of Real Estate (“Division”) is excited to release the Fall 2020 Real Estate News online quarterly newsletter. This online publication provides the public access to the Division’s meetings and event calendar, program disciplinary actions, updates on important matters, and timely articles written by Division staff and outside contributors in the real estate industry.

Fall 2020 Real Estate News

Alternative Dispute Resolution – What is Mediation?

The Mediation Association of Colorado describes mediation as a process that brings parties together to resolve their differences through discussion and problem-solving. The goal is to achieve "win-win" solutions. The mediator is a neutral third party who helps facilitate the dialogue but is not the final decision-maker, arbitrator, or judge. Mediation can resolve disputes quickly and satisfactorily without the expense, delay and anxiety of litigation.

Safer at Home Guidance for Real Estate (October 12, 2020 Update)

The Division of Real Estate continues to receive complaints concerning real estate brokers not following state and county-issued guidance regarding COVID-19 restrictions when performing real estate activities. Please be aware that many Orders are still in effect and you should be vigilant to stay in compliance of those Orders for the safety of yourself and others.