Division Notifications

The Winter 2021 Real Estate News

The Division of Real Estate (“Division”) is excited to release the Winter 2021 Real Estate News online quarterly newsletter. This online publication provides the public access to the Division’s meetings and event calendar, program disciplinary actions, updates on important matters, and timely articles written by Division staff and outside contributors in the real estate industry.

Help Decide the Topics of Upcoming Directly from the Director Webinars

The Division of Real Estate (the Division) has been presenting a series of webinars for real estate brokers called “Directly from the Director.” This has been an opportunity to meet the Director and other Division staff to discuss complex subjects and ask questions concerning those real estate issues that may be confusing or that you need more direction on so you can be compliant with the Real Estate Practice Act and Commission rules.

2021 Colorado Annual Commission Update Course is Now Available

The 2021 Annual Commission Update course is now available for real estate brokers. This 4-hour mandatory course is necessary in order to maintain your license status. 

When can you take it?

It can be taken during the 2021 calendar year, however, it is recommended that you take it as early in the year as possible, since it covers important brokerage compliance and general practice issues, as well as rule, contract, and legislative changes.