Division Notifications

The Winter 2022 Real Estate News

The Division of Real Estate is excited to release the Winter 2022 Real Estate News online quarterly newsletter. This online publication provides the public access to the Division’s meetings and event calendar, program disciplinary actions, updates on important matters, and timely articles written by Division staff and outside contributors in the real estate industry.

The 2022 Colorado Real Estate Manual is now available

The Colorado 2022 Real Estate Manual is now available for purchase. The manual has been updated and contains the program’s statutes, rules, position statements, case law, and real estate related substantive sections.

You can have access to abridged chapters of the manual on the Division’s website. A hard copy of the 2022 Real Estate Manual can be purchased on the LexisNexis website at the Real Estate manual online page or by calling Lexis-Nexis at 1-877-394-8826.