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Rules & Notices of Rule Making Hearings

Rules & Notices of Rule Making Hearings

This page is designed to give you information about rules within the jurisdiction of the Division of Real Estate (DRE). The online versions of these regulations, available officially from the Colorado Secretary of State, are the most current versions available.

Division of Real Estate Rules

Public Hearing Location (Unless Otherwise Noted)

DORA Offices
1560 Broadway 
Denver, Co 80202

Stakeholder Engagement Protocol

Regulatory Agenda

Pursuant of the statutory requirements set forth in Colo. Rev. Stat. §2-7-203(4), annually on November 1 executive-branch agencies must file a regulatory agenda for the upcoming calendar year (2020), as well as a regulatory report detailing the results of the previous years' rules reviews.

Division of Real Estate Regulatory Agenda

Proposed & Recently Adopted Rules

Open Embed

Secretary of State E-mail Notification Service for Rule Changes

This service will alert you via E-mail whenever Notices of Rulemaking, Permanent Rules, or Emergency Rules have been published by the Secretary of State in the Colorado Register.

The E-mail you receive will contain a link to the Colorado Register which will allow you to view the full text of Notices, Proposed Rules, Adopted Rules (Permanent or Emergency ), and the associated Attorney General Opinions.This form can be used to subscribe or unsubscribe to this service.


Sign up for DORA Notices

The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) provides notice of statewide rule makings by topic.

Sign up for DORA Notices

Cost-Benefit Analysis

A member of the public may email DORA's Colorado Office of Policy, Research and Regulatory Reform (COPRRR) to request a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) from the agency proposing rule changes, which is made publicly available when it is completed.

Request a Cost-Benefit Analysis

Mandatory Rule Reviews

The Division of Real Estate (the “Division”), in compliance with Senate Bill 14-063 (§24-4-103.3, C.R.S.), on behalf of its Boards and Commission, is required to give public notice on its website for its review of existing rules and provide an opportunity for public comment on any proposed rule changes.

Pursuant to Senate Bill 14-063, the Division will conduct a review of the administrative rules for each regulatory program within the Division. The review will assess the continuing need for, the appropriateness, and cost-effectiveness of the regulations. The assessment will also determine whether the rules should be continued in their current form, modified, or repealed. 

Rule Review Schedule

Rule Review Requirements

The Division must consider:

  • Whether the rule is necessary;
  • Whether the rule overlaps or duplicates other rules of the agency or with other federal, state, or local government rules;
  • Whether the rule is written in plain language and is easy to understand;
  • Whether the rule has achieved the desired intent and whether more or less regulation is necessary;
  • Whether the rule can be amended to give more flexibility, reduce regulatory burdens, or reduce unnecessary paperwork or steps while maintaining its benefits;
  • Whether the rule is implemented in an efficient and effective manner, including the requirements for the issuance of permits and licenses;
  • Whether a cost-benefit analysis was performed by the applicable rule-making agency or official in the principal departments pursuant to section 24-4-103(2.5); and
  • Whether the rule is adequate for the protection of the safety, health, and welfare of the state or its residents.

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