Real Estate Title Fraud

How real estate title fraud works

Even if you are not actively in a real estate transaction, scammers might attempt to illegally transfer title to your property.  Generally, title fraud includes two common scams:

1. Identify Theft, and

2. Mortgage Fraud.

Title fraud can happen when a scammer has forged a deed on your property and records the fraudulent deed with the county.  Commonly, this is done so that the scammers can get a mortgage on the property. 

Spotting real estate title fraud

  • Receiving unsolicited calls, emails, or texts to sell your property, especially if the solicitor asks if you reside at the property. 
  • The solicitor asks you to sign any document, so that they can closely match your signature on a fraudulent deed.   

How you can protect yourself

Protect and monitor your identity and credit.

Obtain title insurance which protects buyers against defects in the title, such as liens, fraud and forgery. 

Also, be suspicious if you receive communications, emails, or texts requesting information about your property.  


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