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The Colorado Open Records Act ("CORA") allows citizens have the right to ask to inspect public documents retained by local and state government agencies.


  • Unless specifically outlined in Colorado statute, all Division of Real Estate (the "Division") and Department of Regulatory Agencies ("DORA") documents are open to the public and can be requested at any time.
  • If any document falls under the exemptions outlined in the CORA statute, the specific statute requiring disclosure will be given to the requestor.
  • All requests must be received in writing by the Custodian of Records (Custodian). You can email your request to: DORA_DRE_RecordRequests@state.co.us

The Colorado Division of Real Estate will provide a Certification of Licensure based upon the information contained within Division records. Please note that Information older than seven (7) years is not available and can not be provided.   

The certified license history request application allows for the upload of verification documents that need to be completed for other states. You must request a license history to have these documents completed.

Certified Licensed History Request

Before you submit a CORA request to the Division of Real Estate, it is helpful to understand the types of documents that are not retained by the Division of Real Estate:

  • Specifically, the Division does not have property sale records for transactions or copies of deeds.  If you are seeking information on a property transaction, you might consider reaching out to the real estate brokers involved in the transaction or the title company that processed the transaction.  You might also contact the Clerk & Recorder's office for the county where the property is located to review the recorded documents for the parcel. 
  • The Division will not produce Complaints which are closed to public inspection.
  • The Division will not produce Commission and Board investigative files that are closed to public inspection.
  • The Division is regularly asked for lists of licensees or HOA registrations.  This is publicly available information.  To generate a list of this information, visit the bottom of the following website: https://apps.colorado.gov/dre/licensing/Lookup/LicenseLookup.aspx

Prior to responding to a CORA request, the Division Custodian or the DORA Custodian will provide you with an estimate of the costs associated with responding to the request. Until fees are paid, the requested information will not be copied, retrieved, redacted, or manipulated.

Hourly Cost for Retrieval and Research

  • Fees for Research and Retrieval: $25.00 per hour.
  • The first hour of CORA request research and retrieval is free.
  • The hourly rate is charged in quarter hour increments.
  • This fee also applies to the time DORA personnel must spend supervising a third party document review.

Fees for Copies (hardcopy and electronic versions)

  • Twenty-five cents ($0.25) per standard page, or
  • Fifty cents ($0.50) per double-sided page, or
  • A fee not to exceed the actual cost of providing a copy, printout, fax, email or photograph of a public record in a format other than a standard page, or
  • A fee of $20.00 dollars per CD-ROM.

Fees for Records Stored Off Premises

  • There is a $28.00 per box charge to retrieve archived records stored off premises.

Fees for Research and Retrieval

  • The hourly rate referenced above will be charged in quarter hour increments for the costs of researching or retrieving any requested documents. This fee will also apply to the time Division or DORA personnel must spend in attendance while a third party is reviewing documents.

Fees for Records Manipulation

  • If the Division or DORA, in its discretion, manipulates data in order to respond to a specific request, and in so doing, generates a record in a form not used by the Division or DORA, the actual costs of manipulating such data and generating such records will be assessed.

Fees for Transmission

  • The Division or DORA may charge the actual fee for transmission of records by United States mail, other delivery service, or facsimile.
  • No transmission fee will apply when transmission is by electronic mail.

Disciplinary Files & Timeframes

Disciplinary Files

Pursuant to § 12-10-217(6), C.R.S. (Real Estate Broker); § 12-10-713(4), C.R.S. (Mortgage Loan Originator); and § 12-10-604(2), C.R.S. (Real Estate Appraiser):

  • Stipulations and Final Agency Orders are public records subject to § 24-72-203 and § 24-72-204, C.R.S.,
  • Commission and Board Investigative files are closed to public inspection.


Pursuant to § 24-72-203(3), C.R.S., all requests will be responded to within a “reasonable time frame.” A reasonable time frame shall be presumed to be three (3) working days or less. Such period may be extended seven (7) additional working days if extenuating circumstances exist. However, such a period of extension shall not exceed seven (7) working days.

  • You will be notified in writing by the Custodian, within the three (3) day period, if extenuating circumstances exist.
  • Should the Custodian have questions regarding your request, you will be contacted for clarification.

Open Records Process

  • All requests must be received in writing by the Custodian of Records (Custodian). You can email your request to: DORA_DRE_RecordRequests@state.co.us. Requests can not be made over the telephone.
  • Requests must be specific in nature, as general or broad topics may result in a large number of documents returned at a high cost to you.
  • Ensure that your request is asking for documents and not information and/or explanation of documents.
  • Include your name, contact information and deadline of when you need a reply to your request.
  • Indicate if you would like electronic copies of documents or if you prefer hard copies.


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