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About the HOA Center
The HOA Information & Resource Center was created by House Bill 10-1278 and became effective January 1, 2011. The HOA Center serves as a resource for consumers to understand their basic rights and duties under the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act.

About the HOA Center

What the HOA Center Does

  • Provides information to homeowners regarding their basic rights and responsibilities under the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act “CCIOA”.
  • Gathers, analyzes, and reports information through complaints and HOA registrations.
  • Creates resource materials.
  • Provides education and forums.
  • Provides a website with information for the public.
  • Registers HOAs pursuant to §38-33.3-401(1) C.R.S.
  • Provides an Annual Report to the Legislature.

What the HOA Center Does Not Do

  • Act as a regulatory program.
  • Does not mediate/arbitrate.
  • Cannot provide legal advice. 
  • Does not act as an advocate.
  • Cannot assess fines or penalties. 
  • Does not enforce an HOA’s failure to register. 

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The HOA Center is dedicated to providing Colorado consumers important information and resources through timely email blasts, informational publications, live webcast forums and monthly news updates. Please use the signup box below to receive HOA updates directly in your inbox.


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Frequently Asked Questions for HOA Homeowners, Board members, and Other Interested Parties

As mandated by C.R.S. 12-10-801(3)(a)(IV), the HOA Information Center has compiled a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" and answers for homeowners, board members, and other interested parties, regarding living in and governing a common interest community. This is not an exhaustive list of every issue or concern that someone may encounter while living in or governing an HOA. It is intended to provide basic information regarding the rights and responsibilities of living in and governing an HOA, as provided by the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act and the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Act. The answers provided are not intended to impart legal advice and any legal questions should be asked of a licensed attorney.


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