Subdivision Developer Program

Subdivision Developer Program

Certain subdivisions and their developers must register with the Colorado Real Estate Commission prior to selling, leasing, transferring or negotiating to sell or lease a part of that subdivision which is under the jurisdiction of the Real Estate Commission.

Individual projects and/or any component sites of a subdivision are required to be registered under the registration of that subdivision and must be individually approved. Traditional real estate subdivisions, unless meeting the requirements outlined below, are to be registered with the municipality or county where the property is located.

Required Subdivision Developer Registration Types

Raw Ground Subdivisions

  • Any division of real property into twenty (20) or more interests intended solely for residential use, with each interest comprising thirty-five (35) or more acres of land offered for sale, lease or transfer.


  • Subdivisions consisting of twenty (20) or more timeshare interests (a timeshare interest includes a deeded or non-deeded interest, including but not limited to a fee simple interest, a leasehold, a contract to use, a membership or club agreement, or an interest in common).

Condo Conversions

  • Subdivisions consisting of twenty (20) or more residential units created by converting an existing structure (e.g., condominium conversions).

Cooperative Condos

  • Subdivisions created by cooperative housing corporations with twenty (20) or more shareholders with proprietary leases, whether the project is completed or not.

Applications and Fees

Subdivision Developer Initial Application

  • Application made to the Colorado Real Estate Commission for registration and certification as a subdivision developer.
  • $1450.00

Subdivision Developer Supplemental Application 

  • Adding a project or amending inventory to any existing project and/or any component site of an existing project of the subdivision registration.  If adding inventory please complete “Amendment A”.  If amending inventory please provide a list of all projects and/or component sites being amended and the relevant changes to the offering.
    (Note: The filing fee for adding a project or adding or amending inventory to any existing project and/or any component site in a project is $725.00 per project or component site.)
  • $725.00

Subdivision Developer Renewal Application

  • A Subdivision Developer's Registration and Certification expires on December 31st of each year. There is no statutory grace period.  All renewal forms and fees must be received on or before December 31st of each year.   
  • $476.00

Subdivision Developer Application Addendum

  • There is an Application Addendum for both an Initial Subdivision Registration and for a Supplemental filing.
  • No Cost

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