2024 Colorado Annual Commission Course

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The 2024 Annual Commission Update course is available as of January 1, 2024, for real estate brokers. This 4-hour mandatory course is necessary in order to maintain your license status.

When Can You Take It?

The 2024 Annual Commission Update (“ACU”) can be taken throughout the 2024 calendar year, however, it is strongly recommended that you take the course as early in the year as possible. The course covers important brokerage compliance and general practice issues, as well as rule, contract, and legislative changes. Therefore, taking the course as early as possible is a good practice. It also ensures your continuing education compliance for the 2024 calendar year.

What the Course Covers

This year, the course covers the following topics:

Broker Statistics:

  • Investigative Statistics
  • Most Common Complaint Topics
  • Common Results for Violations
  • Continuing Education Requirements
  • Audit Statistics

Compliance Issues:

  • Broker Back to Basics
    • Uniform Duties of a Broker
    • Contractual Contingencies
    • Conflicts of Interest/Joint Ventures/Affiliated Business Disclosures
  • Property Management & Leasing
  • Artificial Intelligence In Your Practice

General Practice Issues:

  • Holding Money For Others
  • Payment of Success Fees/Commissions
  • Alternative Financing
  • Encumbrances on Title

Contracts & Forms:

  • Metropolitan Districts and Special Taxing Districts
  • New Contracts & Forms for 2024
  • Manufactured Homes Forms

New Legislation:

  • Metropolitan Districts & Common Interest Communities Legislation
  • Property Management Legislation
  • Other New Laws Affecting Real Estate

Where Can You Take the Course?

The course is approved to be taken only through Commission-approved authorized providers, which you can find on the Division’s Broker Continuing Education page.



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